Logitechs M305 retrofitted to create steampunk mouse

first_imgOld typewriter keys are used in all sorts of recycled products. Most are used to make things like necklaces and cuff links, but there’s also the geeky trend of making steampunk keyboards. We have to admit, it’d look a little strange to be using a shiny new wireless Logitech mouse with an old-timey looking keyboard. The solution comes via Aaron Ristau, an artist from Loveland, Colo.Ristau creates wireless computer mice that take on the steampunk look with two old-fashioned typewriter keys taking the place of the normal left and right buttons. According to his website, Ristau focuses on art that “blends nostalgic aesthetics with modern function.” He uses a Logitech M305 wireless mouse for the bones of the creation, but unless you turn the mouse over, it looks like something from the 50s or 60s.The mouse comes in chrome as well as various painted colors. It can even be customized to the characters of your choice. Are you a fan of the semicolon? You can have one on your mouse. Most people would opt for their first and last initials, but it’s really up to you. It runs off of an AA battery that lasts for a few months. Once it runs out, you’ll have to unscrew four tiny screws on the bottom of the mouse to switch it out.Of course, it’s not the most ergonomic mouse, but it still looks really cool, and it even has the M305’s scroll wheel. Some of the mice even have spikes, which I’m curious if they’d bother your hand. Unfortunately, the mouse is a little on the expensive side. Though the M305 has a list price of $39.99, you’ll be paying $180 for this retro-looking rodent. However, that price may be worth it for the geek-chic value.Check out the mouse in action in the video below.Read more at AaronRistau.com, via SlashGearlast_img read more