Watch the SpaceX Dragon capsule dock with ISS

first_imgUpdate: Capture complete! At 9:56 am ET the ISS managed to dock the Dragon capsule.At 4:21am Central Time the SpaceX Dragon capsule is expected to come within 10 meters of the International Space Station and then dock using the ISS’s robotic arm. You can see the live stream above of the final approach NASA has been kind enough to share with the world.The Dragon capsule finally saw a successful launch attached to a Falcon 9 rocket on May 22. After a 10-minute climb the capsule ejected and started its journey to rendevous with ISS some 400km above the Earth. Yesterday the capsule stopped some 2.5km from the station in order to carry out a number of system tests for its communications, guidance, and control abilities. With those completed successfully, it came within view of the astronauts early this morning and is currently getting into position for docking.On board the Dragon is some 500kg of cargo. It includes food and water for the astronauts, as well as new equipment to be used on board ISS. SpaceX is hoping that once this mission is completed it can obtain a freight service from NASA to continue supplying the ISS in future.last_img read more