The Red Bull agitates the transfer market in Europe

first_imgThere are more examples of how Red Bull is signing talent to grow, both in Germany and in Austria. Salzburg has South Korean Hee-chan among its pearls Hwang, who has also made an excellent Champions League and recently strengthened the middle of the Leipzig field with Liverpool’s Nail Keita. With these examples and many others, there is no doubt that in the coming years, the Red Bull will be the protagonist of European football. This hurricane also affects Timo Werner, leading striker of the German team that plays in Leipzig. Atletico and Barcelona have been around for a while and from England they say that Liverpool is also interested in getting their services, although this option seems less likely. Further, Nagelsmann, his coach, is not willing to let it out easily, and less with the leading team in the Bundesliga and in the round of 16 of the champions, where he will face Tottenham de Mourinho. And it turns out that these three players have stirred the market in the Bundesliga, each with a different role. Haaland, one of the big emerging stars of European football this season, has started a domino effect with his signing for Dortmund, which has paid Salzburg 20 million euros for the player. Madrid had his eye on him after his spectacular role in the Champions League (eight goals in six games) but with his arrival at the Borussers, he has opened the door to Alcacer, who in turn, is waiting for what happens with Rodrigo and Gameiro in Valencia, of what Milan does with Piatek or that Barça decides to find a striker to replace Suárez’s loss. Precisely to deal with this company, Dani Olmo has been signed for 30 million from Dinamo Zagreb. A clear sign that the Red Bull wants to rub shoulders with the greats of Europe, swiping teams like City or Barça one of the most precious and future players on the continent. He entered football as a surprise guest and is already one of the kings of the party. Red Bull energy drinks company is making its way on Planet Soccer as one of the great players in the European market in recent times. Leipzig and Salzburg, their two flagships, have specialized in getting young talent, polishing it, and turning their teams into clubs capable of putting the great giants of the Champions in check. Haaland, Timo Werner and now Dani Olmo are the clear examples of the path marked by the sports direction of Red Bull clubs.last_img read more