The Walking Dead creator turns family car into zombie survival machine

first_imgAny time you get a group of geeks together, the conversation will eventually drift into this same topic. What would you do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse? What weapons would you opt for, what buildings to occupy, and what you have done to prepare your home for the coming horde. Everyone’s got a different strategy, and they go from incredibly minimal to extremely extravagant.If you are someone like Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, you’ve probably given your plan a fair bit of thought. In fact, you might have gone a little overboard compared to the average person. The result of such planning has given birth to the Hyundai Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine.When planning for Z day, I don’t know many people that plan explicitly for mobility. Kirkman’s design isn’t just for a car to get around during a zombie overrun, but to be able to live and fight in the vehicle for extended periods of time.The back seats have been removed to allow for food and water storage, as well as for a more comfortable recline during naptime. The camera on the back of the vehicle is still functional, and the rear hatch opens up to reveal some high powered lights and a net for when you need to slow something down. The sunroof has been replaced with a pop up lid, allowing you to jump up and take a few zombies out. The front of the car and the wheels are designed to help make a quick and dirty getaway. And the plow on the front has been modified with massive spikes, while the wheels all have removable spinning blades to make sure you aren’t chased for very long. All of the windows are covered in bars too, although there’s room to get an arm in there to take a swipe at you.Of course, a real Elantra couldn’t handle all of this. All of the “heavy armor” on this model is just a prop, save for the wheel spikes and the bars on the windows. Robert Kirkland won’t be plowing through the mean streets in this sick looking toy, but if you’re going to have a car in your garage to show off it might as well look like it’s got some teeth right?Hyundai and Design Craft Fabrication built this vehicle with Kirkland in celebration of the 100th issue of his comic. So far, no one is talking about this car showing up in the AMC television series, but maybe one day you’ll get lucky and see Kirkland making a 7/11 run in his new Z day car.last_img read more