The source of your Fallout 4 mods has been hacked

first_imgIf you’ve been looking to add a hack into your Fallout game, you might want to think again after a breach at popular site Nexus Mods experienced a hack of their own over last week.Three popular mods are now being looked at for having possibly been compromised and having a new named “dsound.dll” added into the files. Higher Settlement Budget, which allows you to increase the items you can have and build in your settlement (it appears to be fixed now, with an update from today). The other two are still down as of writing. BetterBuild which allows you to breakdown materials away from your settlement. The other one is Rename Dogmeat, which allows you to rename Dogmeat — but why would you want to?The site’s own moderators were unaware of the problem until a user on Reddit posted about an email they received from security firm REN-ISAC to his University IT account. The email mentioned how several students accounts and passwords may have been compromised. They alerted the community, and it got back to Nexus Mods owner Dark0ne.After looking into the issue over the weekend, the site’s owners determined the breach to have been legitimate and issued a statement on their website. Nexus Mods is still unsure where and when the breach occurred. They cited a previous breach from several years back where hackers gained access to their file server host, the main hub where their content is stored. Alternatively, Dark0ne said it could have also stemmed from a more recent hack from Playstation Network or others when a whole slew of user names and passwords were compromised. Or maybe it’s something new entirely.Nexus Mods has been trying to get in touch with the security firm to get some answers and to be able to help their users, but as of posting an update to the community, they had not heard back from REN-ISAC. Until they know more, Nexus Mods is not confirming this as a “recent breach” and has not made any changes to their back end security as of yet. Dark0ne did stress in his announcement to community members that they are taking this seriously and thoroughly looking through this matter, “This is an extremely complex process where we look for the slightest of anomalies to try and work out whether anything bad has actually happened, and then try to work out how that bad thing actually happened so we can plug it. It’s not easy, and we’re really trying our hardest. And obviously, we’ll keep you updated as and when we have any more information.”As it stands, if you’re on Nexus Mods — or just any site that you haven’t changed your password in the last three months — it’s probably a good time to do so.last_img read more