Katy Perry shopped from Barbie to Super Barbie

first_imgAs someone who is reasonable proficient at Photoshop (and similar image editing programs) it never fails to amazing me just how much the photos we see in glossy mags are edited. We expect photos to be touched up a bit–no one can get through their entire life without a scar on their knee or an imperfection on their face–but images tend to be edited a lot more than most people realize. So much so that every time an original is leaked, it causes all sorts of outrage/gossip/watercooler talk.Above you can see the latest leaked original shot as well as the final product, the cover of Rolling Stone’s August 2010 issue. The image wasn’t “photochopped”–Perry is anatomically correct and doesn’t have any of the tell-tale broken joints, stretched legs, or head-neck misalignment of bad photo editing–but note all the changes that were done to make this cover acceptable.AdChoices广告Most noticeably her bust was enhanced and her skin tone was warmed, but then look deeper. Her skin is more taut, the creases of her underarms were removed and the lines on her face were polished out. Also, what looks like a mole on her upper chest was taken away, her right leg was trimmed, and a vein on her right arm was removed. Heck, the editor even removed her socks. Interestingly her hair was unchanged (aside from a bit to her hairline) but keep in mind that this is the easiest thing for stylists to get right before the shot is taken.I’m not taking a stance on our concept of beauty or the unattainable level that an already pretty girl was taken to, I just wanted to point out the craft involved in a magazine shot like this one. A flawless diet and thousands of hours in the gym are important, but they will only get you so far before the Clone Stamp takes over.via BIlast_img read more