Shpongle Live Mounts 2-Night Psychedelic Expedition At Red Rocks Featuring Joe Russo, Tom Hamilton, More [Photos/Videos]

first_imgOn May 3rd and 4th, Shpongle mounted a pair of shows billed as the final live band performances by the psychedelic electronic project at Morrison, CO’s iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Headed by Simon Posford, also known as the producer Hallucinogen, and Raja Ram, the duo helped pioneered the “psybient” genre, which fuses hints of world music with the ambient and trance genres. The May 3rd performance featured support from Tipper, Desert Dwellers, and Leo P (Too Many Zooz), while May 4th featured opening performances by CloZee, Desert Dwellers, and Leo P.While Posford has frequently performed Shpongle DJ sets around the country, it’s rare that the full Shpongle LIVE experience comes together with both Posford and Raja Ram and a slew of other performers, including drummer Joe Russo. The Shpongle live band concerts are known for their immersive experience, which also includes trippy dancers and artists to supplement the performance.However, while these shows will certainly close a chapter of Shpongle’s enduring history, this does not mean that the project will totally be coming to an end. Per a statement on Shpongle’s website, “Although this is their last full public concert, Shpongle will continue to enchant and delight with future studio recordings and album releases.”Below, you can watch a selection of videos from last weekend’s two-night Shpongle Live run at Red Rocks. You can check out an extensive gallery of photos from the performances courtesy of photographer Adam Straughn (ATS Photography)Shpongle Live – 5/3/19 – Set Opener [Pro-Shot][Video: nugsnet]Shpongle Live – 5/4/19 – Show Opener [Pro-Shot][Video: nugsnet]Setlist: Shpongle Live | Red Rocks | Morrison, CO | 5/3/19Set:Strange PlanetThe Aquatic Garden of Extra-Celestial DelightsElectroplasmThe Magumba StateWhen Shall I Be Free?Celestial IntoxicationNothing is Something Worth DoingJuggling MoleculesDorset PerceptionRemember the FutureAround the World in a Tea DazeEncore:Dr. VinkelsteinDivine Moments of TruthMy Head Feels Like a FrisbeeView 5/3/19 SetlistSetlist: Shpongle Live | Red Rocks | Morrison, CO | 5/3/19Set:Invisible Man in a Fluorescent SuitDivine Moments of TruthThe Aquatic Garden of Extra-Celestial DelightsSound BarrierBeija FlorNothing is Something Worth DoingJuggling MoleculesHow the Jellyfish Jumped Up the MountainShlumutzCelestial IntoxicationRemember the FutureDorset PerceptionEncore:Dr. VinkelsteinPeriscopes of ConsciousnessMy Head Feels Like a FrisbeeAround the World in a Tea DazeView 5/4/19 SetlistShpongle Live | Red Rocks | Morrison, CO | 5/3–4/19 | Photos: ATS Photography Load remaining imageslast_img


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