Lessons of the Week! Ramin Karimloo, Kelli O’Hara & More

first_imgWait! Before you break into that jug of weekend wine, it’s time for the Lessons of the Week. OK, fine, you can have some wine while you read them. A bunch of really weird stuff happened on Broadway this week—we were introduced to Kelli O’Hara’s drag impersonator, the voices in Rebecca Naomi Jones’ head, and tons more. Check out what we learned below.Fans Forgive Jean ValjeanHe’s a bread thief, he tricks France into thinking he’s a mayor and he doesn’t have any biological kids, but you still voted him the number one father on Broadway anyway! Yep, Jean Valjean from Les Miz is Father of the Year, according to your votes on Culturalist. To celebrate, we’re baking him a delicious cake—sorry Javert, you can’t have any.Rebecca Naomi Jones Hears VoicesHedwig and the Angry Inch star Rebecca Naomi Jones may have her own dressing room, but she’s not alone. She has a bunch of imaginary friends, including Iron Maiden, Stevie Nicks, Coco and John Cameron Mitchell. We thought those guys would be supportive, but apparently they’re pretty judgmental. Come on, guys, give a bro a break.We’re Getting to Know Brandon UranowitzWe knew An American in Paris star Brandon Uranowitz had some experience dying his hair (and eyebrows), but he made a full transformation this week when he morphed into Tony-winning The King and I star Kelli O’Hara. His performance is not to be missed—come for the spot-on lip syncing, stay for the costume changes.Camp Ovation’s Back in SessionGet out your framed photos of Stephen Sondheim, because Camp is back! The creators of the musical theater geek comedy are crowdfunding for a sequel, with cameos from the original film’s stars. Anna Kendrick, we know you’re an Oscar nominee and everything, but if you don’t come back to Camp Ovation to sing “Ladies Who Lunch,” we’re disowning you.Michael Urie’s Not Getting Married TodayShows for Days star Michael Urie and Gloria’s Ryan Spahn are longtime partners, but they aren’t walking down the aisle just yet. “I don’t feel the need to do it in order for people to know that [Michael and I] love each other,” Spahn told Broadway.com. We get ya, Ryan. We feel the same way about peanut butter cups.The T-Birds Are Super (Super) SeniorsWell ring-a-ding-ding, the movie musical Grease turned 37 years old this week! We’ve been hopelessly devoted to Sandy, Danny and the gang, but we have to say, they’re the oldest high school seniors we’ve ever seen. Maybe if they’d actually study for the math final this year instead of rama-lama-ding-donging all over the school, they could be out of Rydell for good.Ben Vereen Is Following YouThe Broadway.com staff fields questions about theater news every day on #LiveatFive on Periscope, but we’re thinking about starting an advice segment after a fan keeps submitting following: “Ben Vereen is following me on Twitter, what do I do?!” Step one: Breathe. Step two: Film a really awesome Dubsmash of “Magic to Do.” Step three: Revel in the Glory.Everyone Wants Ramin KarimlooLes Miserables star Ramin Karimloo is about to rack up a ton of frequent flyer miles. The Tony nominee is not only starring in The Prince of Broadway in Japan, he’s also doing the Broadway-aimed workshop of Anastasia here in NYC. Hey, why not throw Love Never Dies in there and go for the whole trifecta?Nathaniel Parker Has Wolf AmnesiaWhat’s the trickiest part of starring in Wolf Hall: Parts One & Two? According to Tony nominee Nathaniel Parker, it’s remembering which play you’re in. Don’t worry, Nat—to tell you the truth, sometimes we forget which play we’re watching. By the way, you were great in Doctor Zhivago.Groffsauce Wants You to Write a MusicalIf you thought you could just sit back and relax at Hamilton on Broadway, you’re wrong. Jonathan Groff has an assignment for you: “I think about the high school students and the young artists that will come and see [the show] and then create the next version of that for us.” You know, no pressure. NOW GET TO WORK! View Commentslast_img


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