Quarter of German investment professionals see Greek exit as positive for markets

first_imgIn a statement, he pointed out a Greek exit would “certainly unsettle markets and further increase volatility” but only over the short-term.Udo Bullman, MEP for the German social democratic party (SPD), a junior member in the German coalition government, expressed a markedly different sentiment at the beginning of the week.In a statement, he stressed neither the European Union, nor Greece, could have an interest in forcing an exit from the euro-zone.According to Bullman, Greece “will have to be saved from default” over the short-term.But he added it was time for “a paradigm shift” with which “construction errors like the Troika” have to be amended and “replaced by a growth-oriented, democratically legitimised institution”.Read about the opportunities Germany’s largest Versorgungswerk, BVK, sees arising from the ECB’s QE programme One in four investment professionals in Germany accept it is “likely” Greece will leave the euro-zone, while a minority think its departure is “very likely”.A survey by the German Federation of Financial Analysts and Asset Management (DVFA) among some of its 1,400 members found that only 3% believed the country’s exit from the single currency could be ruled out.However, almost two-thirds said the impact of such a measure would be neutral and another 27% even think it might be a positive development for capital markets.Only 35.8% expected a negative impact and Ralf Frank, secretary general at the DVFA, concurred that markets could see see a possible “cathartic effect” over the longer term.last_img


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