EN Marche MP Mjid El Guerrab in Custody Future of Career

Rabat – French-Moroccan member of French parliament M’jid El Guerrab is currently in custody while under investigation for “aggravated violence” after he hit Boris Faure, a member of the French Socialist Party, with his motorcycle helmet during a verbal argument, sending him to the emergency room.El Guerrab, who represents French President Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche! Party, was placed in police custody on Wednesday afternoon for “aggravated violence” by the Paris prosecutor’s office.His hearing before the investigators of the judicial police continued until Friday night, according to French news website, Le Figaro, quoting judicial sources. Shortly before he was interviewed by the police, the Moroccan-born MP took to Facebook and announced that he would a break from his parliamentary group “in order to allow the investigation to proceed in the most serene way possible and to shed light on what happened,” adding that he “naturally [hopes] that Mr. Faure will be able to recover quickly.”El Guerrab’s lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti, indicated that the MP hadturnedhimself inat the police station and waived his parliamentary immunity, relinquishing the right to refuse to be testified against by a witness, knowing that he would be under detention of police custody.However, since the offence was unrelated to his parliamentary practices, the waiver of immunity was not taken into account, said Le Figaro.Future at StakeAside from having his legal record tainted, El Guerrab also risks losing his position in Macron’s political party.Arnaud Leroy, a member of the collegiate leadership, said that the member had been summoned at the beginning of the week for an interview at the party headquarters to hear his version of the incident.“We took note of the fact that he is taking leave of the party, but we must act. We will see what the investigation also gives,” he explained, adding that “En Marche condemns the all forms of violence.”Olivier Faure, president of the New Left Group in the Assembly of En Marche,has demanded that the party takes strict measures against El Guerrab. “No one imagines that M’jid El Guerrab can still embody the Republic and be an example,” he said, questioning the political future of the parliamentarian.A Hamlet, a Dirty Arab, and a HospitalizationThe incident between the two politicians happened in rue Broca in the fifth district in Paris. During the brawl, El Guerrab hit the Socialist politician twice with his helmet on the side of the head, leadingFaure to betaken to the hospital.An eyewitness told news site Marianne that the heated debate had started once the two men met. El Guerrab then hit his rival twice with his helmet, causing him to fall down in blood.A source close to El Guerrab told Marianne he had been provoked by the Socialist politician, who he said called him names and hit him in the arm.“He told him he was an impostor, a sh–ty communitarianist and dirty Arab. M’jid only defended himself with his helmet. That was all. It was an instinctive reaction,” said the source.


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