Watch this Ultra Ever Dry superhydrophic coating is insanely liquid repellent

first_imgSome gadgets, like the iPhone 5, out there claim to be oleophobic, making it easier for the oil to be wiped away from the screen. Imagine if the oil was never allowed to smudge the screen at all, instead just beading up and rolling away on its own? A demonstration of some new superhydrophobic spray might make you want to buy it by the barrel and apply it to everything you own.Superhydrophobic and superomniphobic coatings aren’t new, but they grow more impressive every day. It’s the kind of material that seems like it would be great on everything, applied so that you never need to worry about spills or even getting the last bit of ketchup out of the bottle. The nanoscale coating process usually involved spraying your coating on a perfectly dry substance and letting it sit long enough to dry again. As long as you don’t scuff, scrape, or otherwise damage the surface of the item you sprayed, the coating will protect the surface of whatever you apply it to for years.This new video is one of the first commercial applications of a superhydrophobic material that can be purchased, and I bet the guys at UltraTech International wish they had a consumer ready product to sell after releasing this video. The Every Dry coating demonstrations are all really impressive, showing as any kind of liquid just beads up and rolls away from the coated surface. The coating even works well enough to keep water contained in an area surrounded by coating, as demonstrated towards the end of the video. One of the defining factors of this material is how resistant it is to scuffs and scrapes, measuring 110 on the Tabor Abrasion Method.This material is designed to stand up to daily use, according to the manufacturer, though it’s the kind of thing where each use case will determine how long it actually lasts. Every Dry uses a combination of two different materials, applied in a top and bottom coat, to provide the protective layer you see in the video.It’s the kind of thing that makes you wish your smartphone was completely encased in for the next time someone at a restaurant accidentally spills a drink or you accidentally drop your phone in mud. Given the rate of improvement this technology has seen in the past few years, it makes you hopeful that your next smartphone comes with a shiny superhydrophobic coating.last_img


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