Personnel Today Awards 2001 update

first_imgPersonnel Today Awards 2001 updateOn 9 Oct 2001 in Personnel Today Short listed teams for The Frazer Jones Award for Innovation in recruitmentand retentionThis award is designed to recogniseinnovative approaches in selection, recruitment and retention of employees. Thejudge has looked for HR teams that have adopted a clear approach to selectingemployees and developing, motivating and retaining them in line with strategicobjectivesNorth Wales PoliceStaff development departmentWhat they didIn May 2000, North Wales Police (NWP) created a partnershipwith the Employment Service with the aim of enhancing its recruitmenttechniques and delivering financial savings through increased efficiency. TheEmployment Service provided expert advice on the recruitment function andcarried out recruitment processes such as call handing for applicants, assemblingand dispatching recruitment packs and conducting a non-judgemental paper siftof all applicants. NWP formed a partnership with Chwarae Teg (Fair Play) inorder to target female recruits. As with the Employment Service, Chwarae Tegadvises on the design of campaign material. NWP is also involved in creating anInternet site of which the first pages to be developed will berecruitment-focused.Why they did itBefore the initiative, one advert for NWP was described by apotential recruit as being akin to a “death notice”. The recruitmentteam realised a new strategy was needed which would inject more”buzz” into attracting people. At the same time the force facedseveral recruitment challenges. The Crime Fighting Fund allocated a further 104officers to the force over three years, the Rurality Fund created theopportunity to take on another 15 officers and a Home Office grant meant afurther 19 officers would be required for a specialist unit. At the same timeNWP’s Chief Constable introduced a “no vacancies” policy for theforce, resulting in the need for 30 more officers.Benefits and achievements”The initiative has increased the volume of applicants tothe force while helping us maintain the standard of people we’re lookingfor,” says chief inspector Terry Stanton of the staff developmentdepartment. “It has also meant we can target specific recruitmentchallenges to the force.” A total of 961 application forms were receivedin 2000-2001, an increase of over 100 per cent on the previous year. At thesame time, the force has identified efficiency savings of more than £13,000,coped with an increased number of requests and hit the 2000-2001 recruitmenttarget of 110 officers. The teamNumber in team 7 (plus 80 from the Employment Service)Staff responsible for 1,500 plus 500 support staffChief inspector Terry Stanton with Police team inspector RayHughes, sergeant Arwel Hughes, sergeant Jo Williams and sergeantKathryn Jones; recruiting officer Debbie French; and Employment Serviceteam Debbie Rodgers and Edith Fordsham West Bromwich Building SocietyPeople development divisionWhat they didWest Bromwich Building Society devised a recruitment andretention policy which promotes diversity in the workforce while linkingdirectly with the company’s identity as a local and mutual organisation.Advertising campaigns have been created to appeal to diverse parts of the localcommunity. The society trained all managers in competency-based behaviouralinterviewing techniques, ensuring recruitment and selection throughout theorganisation is both objective and linked to key skills. On the retention side,staff are encouraged to engage in professional and vocational training whileinternal development programmes identify high performing staff and ensure theywork towards significant career goals.Why they did itThe people development division has long recognised that peopleare the greatest asset to the company and the recruitment and retention of suchpeople is crucial to the society remaining competitive. At the same time, therecruitment and retention initiatives offered an opportunity for the organisationto reflect its place in the community and its role as a mutual organisation.The initiative also keys into the current demands of workingwithin the banking sector: “Business is changing so fast that one person’sjob may turn into something entirely different within six months,” saysgeneral manager of people development Paul Turner, “What we’re trying todo is attract people to the concept of working for West Bromwich rather thanworking in a specific job.”Benefits and achievementsEffective measurements have shown improvements in many areas ofrecruitment, with the overall People Strategy delivering a cost benefit of£1.25m for a spend of £800,000. Advertising costs have been cut from an averageof £2,000 per hire to £300, together with an estimated saving of £4,000 inother recruitment costs. Turner is particularly proud that currently 14 percent of employees are from ethnic minorities compared with 8-9 per cent twoyears ago.The teamNumber in team 9Staff responsible for 720People support officer Julie MalpasRecruitment and diversity officer Eve MatthewsGeneral manager of people development Paul TurnerHappy ComputersHappy Computers HR teamWhat they didRecruitment and retention has been a prime focus for innovativepractice at Happy Computers. It now uses the Internet to source people for allIT-related jobs offering applicants the opportunity to download jobdescriptions and complete online application forms. Throughout the process,attitude and the potential to do a job is prioritised above formalqualifications and even experience.The company actively encourages staff to find their preferredwork-life balance and supports flexible working. There is a”no-blame” culture allowing staff to learn from their mistakes whilea 360 degree appraisal scheme and extensive training programme ensures everyemployee is aware of their position and direction in the company. Employees arealso given the opportunity to work fully paid one day a month for a charity oftheir choice.Why they did it Many of these practices have been in operation in the past fourto five years, but as the company has grown – doubling in size over the past 15months – there has been a need to formalise policy to ensure every employeereceives the same opportunities. “We needed to ensure everyone hadequality, whether they were working full time or part time,” explains HRdirector Cathy Callus, “As we grew as a company we became more diverse andwe needed to respond in increasingly flexible ways.Benefits and achievements Happy Computers has grown by 38 per cent at a time when the ITindustry grew by only 3 per cent overall. Its range of recruitment andretention techniques, unique for a company of this size, has contributed to astaff turnover of only 2.5 per cent for 2000. The company has never lost atrainer to a competitor and the only person to leave in the past year did so inorder to return home to South Africa. Once an employee has devised their ownwork-life balance the onus is then on the company to prove that it will notwork rather than the employee proving it will. Callus claims the company hasyet to refuse an employee’s preferred working arrangements.The teamNumber in team 3Staff responsible for 40HR director Cathy CallusPersonnel manager Suzy CornwellRecruitment manager Debbie KingJudge’s commentVincent Tuckwood, manager HR,resourcing, policy and innovation, PfizerNorth Wales Police”NWP provided evidence of strength in every aspect ofjudging, achieving a 200 per cent increase in application rates alongside costand efficiency savings.”West Bromwich Building Society”WBBS showed measured performance against key performanceindicators. In its local market, there was a strong focus on diversity. Thesubmission scored highly on leadership, effective use of resources and HRdeveloping business outcomes.”Happy Computers”The submission lived and breathed the company culture andtied recruitment and retention together in a cohesive way. Results areimpressive with very low turnover in a difficult market.”Frazer Jones is a specialistrecruitment consultancy working exclusively within the HR market. Itconsistently adopts the most progressive recruitment methods and invests themwith traditional values of honesty, commitment, professionalism andaccountability Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img


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