IS IT TRUE MAY 6, 2019

first_imgFOOTNOTES: Todays “Readers’ Poll” question is: Are you planning to vote in tomorrows election primary? IS IT TRUE we’ve been told that several weeks ago Vanderburgh Chief Deputy County Prosecuting Attorney Gary Schutte resigned his position?  …we would like to thank former Vanderburgh Chief Deputy County Prosecuting Attorney Gary Schutte for doing one heck of a job for the citizens of Vanderburgh County?  …we predict that Vanderburgh County Prosecuting Attorney Nick Hermann will have a difficult time replacing Mr. Schutte? Please go to our link of our media partner Channel 44 News located in the upper right-hand corner of the City-County Observer so you can get the up-to-date news, weather, and sports.If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us at City-County [email protected] IS IT TRUE when Saratoga Gaming Of New York purchased Ellis Park from former owner Ron Geary several years ago, they promised members of the Kentucky Racing Commission that they would do some major renovations at the track?IS IT TRUE we’ve been told that several patrons are disappointed that Saratoga Gaming Of New York didn’t update the interior decor of the dated “Club House” building? …we are also told that patrons of Ellis Park are disappointed that Saratoga Gaming of New York hasn’t spent the money to professionally pave and stripe the parking lot, install proper exterior security lighting, update the information and directional signage, install a first-class exterior digital on-premise sign located next to the highway? IS IT TRUE between June 17-21 2019 Willard Library will be hosting a free Genealogy Conference?  …this event will have five national and renowned speakers?  …they are; J.Mark Lowe CG, FUGa, Amy Johnsson Crow, CG, Lisa Louise Cooke, Dr. Michaerl D. Lacopo, DVM and Mike McNerney?  …that participates will have access to 80 hours of Genealogy collections?  …we urge you to call 812-425-4309 to obtain more information about this worthy community event? IS IT TRUE we are getting a kick out of watching how the local politicians are playing “pass the political ball” concerning building a crosswalk from Bosse High School across Highway 41? …we are hearing that the Indiana Department of Transportation started work last week on a feasibility study to determine viable options for that busy intersection? …that every high school within the City limits, with the exception of Bosse High school, has a pedestrian bridge?IS IT TRUE that Mayor Lloyd Winnecke announced at his State of the City address in April 2019, “that his administration would continue working closely with INDOT to encourage them to reconsider building the pedestrian bridge near Bosse or to find another similar solution?” …if the City Of Evansville can waste multi-millions of dollars on projects that haven’t produced any measurable economic results and the EVSC could afford to purchase a Golf Course in the North end of the county that lost money, why don’t they pool some of their surplus  resources and build a pedestrian bridge for Bosse High school students? IS IT TRUE that another CCO staff member went to “AMY’S ON FRANKLIN” on Saturday night and was also impressed by his incredible steak, service, and atmosphere? …he predicts that “AMY’S ON FRANKLIN” will quickly become one of the area’s favorite places for people to take their family and friends to wine and dine?center_img IS IT TRUE that we’ve been told by reliable sources that the current owners of Ellis Park, Saratoga Gaming of New York are currently negotiating with a successful gaming establishment from New Mexico to sell the track to them?  …we are told by several credible sources that an offer to purchase Ellis Park could be forthcoming?  …we are also told that the patrons of Ellis Park are hoping that this sale goes through? IS IT TRUE that officials at the Evansville Water And Sewer Department Utilities seemingly think that they are part of the United States Government by the way they are planning to add additional frills to the new multi-million dollar Waste Water and Treatment facility on Water Works Road? IS IT TRUE  that rumors are swirling at the Civic Center that the former Vanderburgh Chief Deputy County Prosecuting Attorney Gary Schutte will soon be appointed to a spot in the Vanderburgh County Judiciary?  …that the CCO would love to see this happen because Mr. Schutte is an outstanding attorney, fair-minded, hard-working, likable, a good family man, and an honest person? IS IT TRUE that that several years ago a well-known website called, which tracks the cost of living across the United States, named the Indiana cities of Fort Wayne, Evansville, and South Bend as the cheapest places in the country to live?…the City-County Observer is confident that no one who contributed to this article has ever faced a utility bill from Vectren with respect to local earnings or an ever-increasing (unreasonable) bill from the City of Evansville Sewer and Water Utility?…when digging an inch below the surface one finds that only considers housing, food, fuel, and property taxes?…property taxes are by definition 1% of the market value of the house so cheap houses means low taxes?…since our elected officials took away our “HOMESTEAD TAX CREDIT” our property taxes are expected to be increased?…fuel may be cheap in the Evansville area but it is always cheaper across the money saving bridge in Kentucky or down at Marina Point?…food is and always has been reasonably priced in Evansville but part of that is because locals tend not to be willing to pay for designer brands and have an appetite for very inexpensive fast food from a drive-up window? …Niche also excluded the cost of healthcare, which is quite high due to the high levels of obesity, smoking, sedentary living and abuse of alcohol?…while Evansville is not even close to the cost of places like San Francisco, it is far from the cheapest place in the United States? 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