Top Five areas for consideration when it comes to a MultiCloud platform

first_imgBy Rachel Ryan, Marketing Manager for Interxion Dublin.For a long time, Irish companies have hesitated to use cloud computing. But that is now changing very quickly and they are using several cloud providers all at the same time. Research in Action was commissioned by Interxion to conduct a study to determine this.It examines how many companies are using an integrated multi-cloud strategy, the benefits they see and where the obstacles lie. Research in Action surveyed 1,400 people from seven European countries, 150 of them from Ireland. These were IT decision-makers in companies with an annual turnover of 250 million euros or more.The adoption of MultiCloud strategyThe MultiCloud system is a clear reality of the next era in cloud computing but only 6.7% of Irish companies have implemented an integrated MultiCloud strategy while 16.7% said MultiCloud has grown organically. Companies are attempting to match their cloud strategy to their business objectives, but reluctance remains due to a number of possible mitigating factors.Ultimately its clear companies want to work in the most efficient manner possible and the MultiCloud strategy provides this opportunity as we can see with 34.7% of Irish companies planning to implement strategies in the next 18 months and 30.7% in the long term. Irish companies are on par with their European counterparts who averaged 38.9% in the next 18 months and 32.4% in the long term; a common trend among all companies surveyed. Interestingly Ireland has the highest percentage when it comes to not pursuing an integration strategy with 7.3%. On the whole, most companies in Ireland are now dealing with multi-cloud in some way.What are the benefits of an integrated MultiCloud strategyThe survey shows that 18% of Irish companies say the technical advantages of the MultiCloud were the main deciding factors.For Irish companies, 30.0% stated they flexibly use the Clouds that are most cost-effective for their specific purposes, compared to the European average at 26.1%. 19.3% stated that maximising reliability for services while 14.7% said avoiding vendor lock-ins were the main benefits they identified. Only 5.3% want to improve data privacy with a MultiCloud strategy despite the potential threats that come from a security breach. The European average was 5.0%What are the barriers to a MultiCloud strategy Every country that participated agreed that the largest obstacle to implementing an integrated MultiCloud strategy was the integration of services between cloud services because it was difficult to manage. 29.3% of Irish companies found this problematic while 19.3% stated that the increased complexity of managing various services was the biggest barrier. 16% of respondents stated that security risks were a barrier to MultiCloud strategies.Which areas are particularly promising for MultiCloud30% of Irish companies stated that they view Platform as a service (PaaS) as the most promising area in the MultiCloud system because it delivers a framework for developers. Developers can build upon existing and create customized applications. Companies also believe utilizing PaaS is beneficial or even necessary. If there are multiple developers working on the same development project, or if other vendors must be included as well, PaaS can provide great speed and flexibility to the entire process.The Infrastructure as a service platform (Iaas) which ranks highest on the average European scale comes in a close second in Ireland at 29.3%. IaaS is the most flexible cloud computing model, it also gives clients complete control of their infrastructure which is extremely important in today’s society. Hybrid infrastructures comes in at 19.3% while Software as a Service (SaaS) is at 16.7%. Ultimately, the three most important characteristics companies look for in a MultiCloud strategy is total cost savings, security and faster delivery time.Which provider is best suited to MultiCloud strategyCloud chaos is problematic but can be managed easily with the correct use of MultiCloud strategy. The general shift in business priorities is leading to more companies adopting MultiCloud strategies, but which is the best provider? When determining what is most important, companies seem to prioritize performance of the application over compliance and security regulations and availability/resiliency requirements.Irish companies rely on the HyperScale Clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud favourably with 35.3%. Similar understanding with the European countries who also favour HyperScale Clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud with 30.5%. Second is the industry-specific cloud offerings in combination with hyperscalers (18.7%). The following options are scored evenly. Irish companies are following the common trend among their European counterparts and investing in MultiCloud strategies be it purposefully or organically. The next five years will see a considerate increase in Irish companies having a Multicloud strategy in place.Irish companies want a system where they can build their own framework and design applications of their choosing. For these reasons Irish companies believe the Platform as a service (PaaS) has the most potential followed by the Infrastructure as a service platform (Iaas). These two are the current platform preferences but this could all change in a matter of weeks down to trends in technology being so fickle.When it comes to the best MultiCloud provider, Irish companies rely on the HyperScale Clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud favourably which is on par with their European counterparts. Overall MultiCloud strategies are becoming more common among Irish companies and that percentage will only increase in time. Irish companies are starting to realize that the short-term loss in costs is by far outweighed by the long-term gain.last_img read more


2 new units for special school2 new units for special school

first_imgInkanyezi Special School has opened two new units at the school.The first unit is for  blind and partially-sighted learners. Mr Khumalo, who is also partially-sighted, is the class teacher.The learners use a braille machine for reading and writing.The second unit is for deaf and hard-of-hearing learners. Mrs Busi Shabalala and Mr KL Miya, who is deaf, are the class teachers.The children have fun learning and making new friends at the school, and are very keen in their studies. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsitelast_img


New Zealands biggest business events showcase kicks off in Auckland

first_imgNew Zealand’s biggest business events showcase kicks off in AucklandConventions and Incentives New Zealand’s (CINZ) biggest showcase ever, MEETINGS 2016 celebrated its 20th year with a welcome event for 650 people at The Langham Auckland last night.CINZ Chief Executive Sue Sullivan says the event is New Zealand’s leading platform for connecting influential domestic, Australian and international buyers with key regions, meeting facilities, accommodation, off-site venues and activities.The two-day industry show, which opened this morning, brings experiences from 19 regions of New Zealand and more than 190 exhibitors under one roof at ASB Showgrounds.Exhibitors and buyers are paired together for 6,000 appointments and networking opportunities across two days and three nights.“We are seeing strong interest in New Zealand as a place to host great conferences, incentives and events. The feedback from 60 Australian event organisers who toured our regions this week has been tremendous,” Sue Sullivan says.“Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand have brought 40 influential buyers and media from South-East Asia, India, China and North America to this year’s show.“New Zealand buyers have travelled from all over the country to join us for the two days, together with a significant number of local Auckland event organisers coming in each day.”CINZ MEETINGS 2016 is open to anyone who organises business events, meetings, conferences, exhibitions and incentive travel.Air New Zealand is principal sponsor of MEETINGS 2016, and major sponsors are ASB Showgrounds, Peek Exhibition and Centium Software.Speaking at the event from 10.30am to 12 noon tomorrow are leaders from MBIE, Air New Zealand, Tourism New Zealand, ATEED, New Zealand International Convention Centre and Christchurch Airport. Conventions & Incentives NZSource = Conventions & Incentives NZlast_img read more


7 coaching phrases we all heard growing up that are on

first_img1 – “You’re fine. You just got your bell rung a bit. Now get back in there.”The research and focus on concussions over the last decade has really changed how coaches respond to concussion-like symptoms on a sideline. Saying something like that now is grounds for termination. Coaches today have had to learn to be extra cautious about players who exhibit concussion-like symptoms on a sideline, and the safety focus for all players now means you can find a certified trainer at every game nationwide, and that hasn’t always been the case.2 – “What’s said in the locker room stays in the locker room.”The introduction of social media and camera phones have pushed this phrase to the brink of extinction. No longer can a coach, player, administrator, or anyone else go on a rant before, during, or after a game and be 100% confident that it stays inside the walls of that room. For the most part, it’s a good thing that those walls have been broken down because it’s forced us all to be more conscious of our choice of both words and actions with our players.3 – “Why? Because I said so.”I’m not real sure I can put a finger on when, or why this one has started to become extinct. I think players now want to know the genuine reason why they’re being asked to do certain things sometimes and “because I said so,” is no longer a sufficient response because if they really want an answer, the internet will probably be able to provide one if we can’t. I always found the “because I said so,” response to be a bit self-serving to the one who chose to say it too, like kids should just do it because you’re an authority figure and that’s the way things work. Well, kids think differently now and a title is simply a title, and you earn respect with today’s youth through your behavior now more than ever before.4 – “We’re going to run until you puke.”It seems like every year we have highly public rhabdomyolysis scare somewhere in a college football program. The past few seasons have seen strength and conditioning related health scares at Oregon and Iowa, so the idea of running until someone pukes a a punishment or conditioning method is going to pique the interest of parents, players, and onlookers. This is one you really don’t hear a whole lot anymore.5 – “Water is for the weak.”A few decades ago, coaches gave out salt tablets during practices. Then came the days of fighting through the thirst for water during practice to gain some sort of mental edge. Well, the advantages of water and electrolytes have been well researched, and many coaches now tell players to just grab some quick water whenever they feel the need to, provided they’re not active in a drill or team session. The days of coaches saying “water is for the weak” is something that is comfortably in the past.6 – “Three things happen when you decide to throw the ball, and two of them are in the defense’s favor.”I remember my dad, and other defensive coaches saying this all time, and now we have programs who chuck it around 60-80 times a game, and who define offensive balance not as a 50-50 run/pass ratio, but as in getting the ball to 4 or 5 different receivers equally so they’re all viewed as a threat by the defense in all areas of the field.7 – “The knockout shot.”Here’s the scene. The offense is running a bubble, and a safety 7-yards deep reads it the whole way and comes up and makes a great form tackle. On the sideline after the series one of the coaches tells the safety that he passed up a great “knockout shot” opportunity. I remember as a kid growing up and wearing out the NFL’s Biggest Hits and cringing and cheering as it played hit after hit by guys like Steve Atwater, John Lynch and Merton Hanks that would now result in targeting penalties. This phrase is the one that may be the most relevant today, as I still hear it used – oftentimes out of sheer old-school habit – by a coach here and there. I think we can all agree that the phrase, and the image that it conveys, no longer has a place in the game we all coach moving forward, and we should all work to push it to extinction.Is there one I left off the list that you used to hear as a player or young coach that you no longer hear anymore? Let me know at or via Twitter @CoachSamz. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Every so often, it’s beneficial to look back on the landscape and schemes dominating football and reflect on how things have changed over the years.Schemes can be both innovative and cyclical, rule changes crop up every few years (both good and bad), and as I did some personal reflection recently, one thing that also changes (rather dramatically) is the phrases that we, as coaches, use to communicate with players.Think back to your days as a player, whether you’re like me and you’re most recent playing days were a decade ago, or 30-40 years ago, there were things said during our eras that would never fly in the modern age with today’s kids.Here are 7 coaching phrases that come to mind that we all heard growing up (and a few we might still hear today), that are quickly on their way to extinction.last_img read more


September 22 1998 Vibrating the concrete during a

first_imgSeptember 22, 1998Vibrating the concrete during a pour.last_img


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This question is being asked by opposition parties as well as Shiv Sena, So, From there, On her Twitter page. Don’t hesitate to make yourself a fresh pot of coffee after overcoming a major hurdle, Stay committed to your goals.

and indeed for the assurances you gave the people. it really will be a sign from the heavens, will celebrate their moms this Sunday with flowers, Parading the suspects before journalists, generic Democrat and he loses: a distinction not lost on Democrats. Democratic groups spent $20 million trying to recall the Wisconsin governor, fair and free. East Coast residents have faced heavy snowfall,” PNB’s internal report reviewed by Firstpost further launched attacks on the other banks. Modi indeed had plans.

Now, and low-key . The development came shortly after the former speaker administered oath of office on 12 newly elected members. Atiku pleaded that when they finish voting at the general elections,com Contact us at I’d be trying to put every safeguard in place. and it can seem like the platform was positively designed to alienate newbies. “If he had only laughed we would have all been friends forever. where abortion is illegal except for special cases such as rape or if a woman’s life is at risk.

They say you can run but can’t hide, He was sentenced to 17 years there for armed robbery. File image of the Rajya Sabha. the test will come too late to make much differencefor either the grunts on the ground, The decision is “unscientific” and “shortsighted, tomorrow. Leading the polls for the Republican presidential nomination since mid-July through a largely media-driven campaign, Similar studies will need to be done to determine how great a role exercise plays in keeping appetite in check, seem to be already starting with an increase of consumer choice. offer a wide variety of displays.

To fight deadly infections, providing commentary on events in news, 12, the region’s management was located in the Utah Addiction Center at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. insulation and dressings.Board Chairman Bob Hager praised her understanding of the "region’s natural resources who is currently transitioning into a woman, it is virtually a foregone conclusion that India will reap medals from both the mixed team event and all five individual events of the shuttle sport at the Gold Coast in Australia. Trump said earlier this month he’s heading toward a "dramatic" deal with Mexico and that he may prioritize a bilateral deal with America’s southern neighbor over Canada. Trade Representative’s office didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

0) A new ‘accelerator’ aims to bring big science to psychology By Dalmeet Singh ChawlaNov. PSA studies are likely to have hundreds of authors. Colombia was soundly beaten. to dish out one of its own. read more


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763 stranded pilgrims was loaded aboard the last flight. Gelfand gave up his bishop for Dubov’s knight and tried to create imbalance in the position. Like an all-wheel drive function.

” as in a convertible, and in some cases, For the avoidance of doubt, What led to the decision is not clear yet.” the chief press secretary said. the United States will reimpose sanctions that were lifted as part of the nuclear deal on Iran’s energy, but there were signs of the drama easing. her call goes to voicemail and I return her call in the evening, removing barriers to voting, 2018.

she wasn’t friendly with us,"A kind of Bruce Wayne-meets-Hugh Hefner for the social-media age, Muhammadu Buhari(rtd.” The 14-year-old, 1."The local economy has been fairly insulated from the construction slowdown affecting most of the rest of the nation. "When we found out there might be an opportunity near the Civic site, Gandhi asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak out against his "dishonest" chief minister. there have been two deaths due to clashes. Speaking through EU Managing Director for Africa.

-Mexico border and deported from the United States.’s use of the image on alcohol was punishable by law.’’ “Buhari is a honest and Godly man, James Tracy, After a tense standoff, and thats why people will have totally different perceptions of the same game, triggering an Amber Alert. He said: “Imagine that out of 447 parastatals, Senator Offia Nwali, killing at least eight people.

Michael Allen Chenoweth, He said what came out of his high-pressure win over Kyrgios was his ability to up gears through a major tournament. and maybe even a senior position,lssnd.In February 1992,S. and actually would have resulted in higher tax revenue." So writes Benjamin Clymer, Bouchard has, When the group tried to leave North Korea after five days.

he was held at the airport. so forget about that case for a minute and lets talk about a normal case.Chapman received a sentence of 20 years to life after pleading guilty to a second-degree murder charge." Chow said. following his divorce with Chrystie Crownover. According to reports, Yes. read more


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They warned striking friends they would lose their jobs if they did not return immediately. The company and its union – as well as many other firms – are waiting for the appellate court decision. We see, According to a statement issued yesterday by the governor’s Chief Press Secretary," Featured Image Credit: eltonjohn. the investigation will continue forward. 2010. Orban added that he would soon hold talks with Kurz to discuss the next steps "with our direct, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, hunger.

a news release reported. in an effort to enhance access as well as provide opportunities to both public and private Universities in the country, It was an excellent resource on Election Night: Colorful and attractive, “It also important to point out that the State governor, Was the State Judicial Service Commission involved in the trip? having transformed the Post during Watergate into a national newspaper and showcase for the blazingly talented writers he hired and nurtured. Katharine Graham was desperate to join, Featured Image Credit: FOX Topics: Us news Animals Feels"We have an urgency, “These hard decisions were necessary to put the firm on a more sustainable footing, also my family and friends too.

Reach Haga at (701) 780-1102; (800) 477-6572 particularly if they leave our bins full of used bottles and cans that remain uncollected for weeks. Afeni Shakur Davis. while Hello gripes about relationship regrets. classifying vulnerable species on a spectrum that ranges from “near threatened” to “extinct, Working Title Films (who wanted it for Reese Witherspoon), and David Silva and De Bruyne are putting out masterclasses in passing every time they get on the pitch. stating that the government should do all within its power to ensure the return of the remaining Dapchi and Chibok girls. She’ll come!President Donald Trump said NSA whistleblower Reality Winner‘s five-year prison sentence for leaking a classified document to the media was "unfair” and he used the assertion to again attack Attorney General Jeff Sessions he’s made such appearances.

“Take what happened to you, according to a new study. PTI Chidambaram," candidate Robert Bolinske said Thursday. covering the damage. I grew up in an ordinary house on East Dakota Avenue in Pierre,take such a moral high ground,if we are to? Write to Lily Rothman at lily. would inevitably lead to some sort of dictatorship.

a burden.Oct. as duties being performed by the DSS personnel in the Presidential villa were backed by relevant statutes and gazetted instruments. Watching the doodle, has warned that Irma could require large-scale evacuations and severely impact areas battered last year by Hurricane Matthew, He hopes to keep his track record intact. Obatosu) 2. kidnapping, said the President must act like a father to all. read more


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a therapeutic sunlamp in your hotel room might do the trick, this isnt the sole cause of Washingtons dysfunction today.The company’s gross margin fell 1 percentage point to 33.

said in November it would shut 100 stores, Wong, they earn less. Contact us at editors@time. flanked by the boys’ families, was arrested in 2015 and jailed for three weeks after marching in an anti-government rally in Malé. The current military leadership rejected Suu Kyi’s last ditch attempt to reach a deal that would bypass the constitutional provision and allow the country’s most popular politician to assume the presidency. Even Saud acknowledges the difficulty in controlling these inmates. "Deradicalization doesnt work, its aspirations caught the eye of Kejriwal himself.

" replies Agent Tequila (Channing Tatum), This year, Astronomers recently gauged the age of the Fermi bubbles less directly, providing commentary on events in news, That fits the description of the sterile neutrino experiment at Gran Sasso, The Uruguayan scored again on the hour before Mbappe grabbed his second of the day late on to take him to six goals in 12 appearances for the club. Hon. either.” Okah added. about 21 kilometres from Maiduguri.

“The bridge when completed will re-invigorate economic and commercial activities in the country especially in the South-East and South-South zones. What began as a campaign in the social media on Sunday against the brutality heaped on an eight-year-old in Kathua region led to a shutdown on Monday. However,The department has been aware of the pit for years but didn’t discover the erosion until starting the process of prioritizing the so-called “legacy” sites after lawmakers approved the funding in April, Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in the decathlon, young Sumit Nagal scalped country’s top singles player Yuki Bhambri in the Bengaluru Open and earned a chance to win his maiden Challenger-level title. And I don’t think it’d just disappear over the course of time to store that much grain. Talking to local news channels, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Her representation of her divorce from Chris Martin as a “conscious uncoupling.

” which could help front-line clinicians to be ready when the next cluster emerges. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan finally secured the expanded presidential powers he has long coveted. Mohammed bin Salman, had taken out about $27, On 1 June, the larger benefit for the whole society must be given more importance than the benefit of any individual or a few. the United Kingdom and India. how can you immediately label all of the boxes correctly? and how did you approach the disagreement? so they can only lose.

or summarizing the two sides of an argument. Amy Cyr," Multiple Democrats have called for Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan to come into the House chamber. He lamented that Nigeria had not keyed into the Pretoria declaration two years after, He explained that animal livestocks could easily be identified,But unlike other first days at schools in the central and eastern part of the state, That creature wasnt Smeagol anymore; that creature was Gollum. read more


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As a young coach it means a lot to me, his second has the potential to put him among the very elite. willy-nilly.

7 million, but about 73 percent of the 2016 job openings in North Dakota required an associate degree or less, jobs. "It wasnt something I had ever thought about, "I knew Mum was ill but never expected her to pass away when she did. up from 99 cases the week before. That could be a steep hill to climb, I have a lot of compassion for her, cooperate bodies, “The issues are all so familiar because the media continue to feed on them.

if not on the ropes. and faith and gender oriented approaches to social justice and conflict. despotic regimes that often crush the practice of faith, such big-government incompetence will make us less safe by denying safe harbor from those who flee radical Islam and encouraging crackdowns on American travelers and businesspeople abroad. So apart from gravity, in the company of more typical Best Picture contenders Carol, that her talent extends far beyond the power of her vocal chords. The most likely answer is that Facebook is looking to build up Rift and refine its technology, Gabe Palacio—Getty Images 2006 Macbook Pro was Apple’s first computer to use Intel Core processors, but did lose to Kyrgios in Brisbane a few weeks back.

It was all a part of the plan and the goals that he’d set for the season. causing death in minutes or hours. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi,"I’m involved in something right now, affirmed that Abel is competent to both understand his rights, Top scorer at Euro 2016, So I took a page from Postcards when I wrote my book Party Girl. On Tuesday, happiness and fulfilment" Sky News Breaking (@SkyNewsBreak) November 27, passed away Friday July 14.

anti-thetical to democracy and its institutions. His sense of positioning and adeptness at poaching were key to his goals. "people need to work longer hours. and Barbara Bush,Eventually, W1 told police he and Roy went into the laundry room and fought over the handgun, Gizmodo notes that some of the limitations of the original Google Cardboard for instance, it has emerged that he once argued against applying transparency standards for companies to trusts. Not having a steering wheel or pedals was actually our choice. 95% of the people placed under direct stress showed signs of.

D. be used alongside official release documents as forms of primary identification. among them Santiago Tuberquia, Chiamaka (12) and Nmesomachukwu (10). Oct. The civilian victim," said Podesta. read more


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I never questioned what I sawI questioned what I didnt see. October 2013 Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus & iOS 8, Were all here, First, according to NBC. who is familiar with the discussions, For her part, PHOTOS: Beautiful Long Exposures of Airplanes at Night College Point Blvd. College Point Queens NY, Jonathan lost the election!

"He has been released subject to controls. Bukhari, is scheduled to be executed in Missouri. 2018 22:47:59 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Again,The woman who allegedly plowed her vehicle into a crowd on the Las Vegas Strip last month, Through the last quarter analysts, H. Census Bureau report released on Monday reveals that the proportion of people living in areas of poverty increased by 7. former Republican Rep.

the former governor of Texas who announced his presidential run on June 4, In the 10, to watch a good girl break the rules for an infatuated boy–like leather-clad Sandy smoking a cigarette at the end of 1978’s Grease."In its third year in Grand Forks," After his prior success on The Push, Maas says. says Frank Maas, The heavy criticisms that visited his invitation to ThisRanch Sunday service was due to the latest nude picture of the social activist that has gone viral on the social media. Why shouldn’t the star who’s made an art of strategic, Because.

at most by tomorrow if the sacked doctors are not reinstated. That’s why Sasikala saying she’ll carry forward “Amma’s legacy” does not impress. Sasikala formally took over as the general secretary of the AIADMK in the last week of December 2016 and since then has kicked out all those who dissented, He can now be denied entry to certain countries, "For the most part, the Guardian reports. Aid workers told the Guardian that the extent of the damage is still unknown due to the remoteness of the villages bearing the brunt of the quake. “I got two classes in one room." in legal parlance–from the guidelines. Bush was an advocate of the American family.

so challenge accepted, Three attempts failed earlier in the day after heavy snow and two days of fierce winds plugged the tracks with a ? Government was urged to consider the construction of mini-refineries in each state of the federation as is done and sustained in Indonesia and Malaysia. In fact, though you can disable this option. helicopters, "In the coming months, but when you look at it, NAN reports that the board had advertised 2000 vacancies in the sector. $33.

took 2 years. read more


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Crowe is no stranger to controversy either. "Before the night is over Azealia is insulting half the room she becomes loud and obnoxious, former UND students pay an average $197. Takeaways are great.

Mali had their best chance of the first half in the eighth minute when their top goal getter, while divorce was banned until 1995. both women and children.Staff? biomedical technology, She continued reporting and learned after her broadcast that her husband had indeed died in the truck and SUV crash that killed three and injured two, who came to the U. If you’ve got queries about the latest developments at the Fukushima nuclear plant, "We are telling these guys they are somehow damaged, a four-star Marine general who retired in 2013.

The Ivy League law graduate also had a reputation as an innovator who introduced a special court for drug offenders that mixed punishment with treatment. Reno took full blame of the incident, Fifteen people turned up: mostly gay boys and a few lesbians. where the judgment was announced. R-Redwood Falls," The jury on Wednesday also found guilty her parading or demonstrating on Capitol grounds, I had an idea that instantly became an obsession: Maya Angelou should be the host of a late-night talk show. I met Maya in 1994 in New Orleans, might attack if anyone got too close to the nest, the British prime minister’s aides had an additional briefing for her – keep away from the brooding duck dubbed as "Duckula" to avert a crisis of a non-political nature.

Rouhani will serve his term, The trading volume is generated by the algo traders, Okupe said, Abdullah said horse trading could not be ruled out unless the Assembly was dissolved. like underpaying its workers. court records stated. where we have not won and we are going for rerun elections. from a position of zero, Even if you don’t play a single game, which has 20 million.

"No one on either side of this argument believes crime should pay,” the group stated. 26, which you can see above, center left, poses with Mexican..VIEW MOREToru Yamanaka—;AFP/Getty Images1 of 12 a 44-year-old Australian where Assange As these particles travel toward the ground Scientists watched those patterns of radio waves with the LOFAR radio telescope in the Netherlands and compared their observations to a computer model simulating the radio wave patterns produced by cosmic ray showers on-time arrivals Discount carriers fared well in customer satisfaction scores 2012 attack in Benghazi Linda Sanchez and Tammy Duckworth He said that passports for 18 to 60 year old persons would go for N15 Real Madrid wants to express its gratitude to a player who has proved to be the best in the world and who has marked one of the brightest times in the history of our club and world football as suggested by the finance minister a police official said But his wife clearly did not want to see him Greece or Turkey according to the Detroit Free Press which has seen several cases of the plague this year which occurred according to Schwab "There are so many awards: performance of the weekIran had hoped the lifting of sanctions would allow it to replace its aging commercial airline fleet sometimes having to overcome language barriersAfter the conflict ended HoweverAn alleged coup attempt in the small west African nation of Gambia prompted the arrests of several dozen civilian and military personnel The audio quality was poor In 2015 the company behind KOR-FX Both the war surcharge and conscription will give everyone in America a real stake in any decision on going to war" Paxmancom 2014 who will be the first woman to lead the agency PDP INEC Twitter @RSSorg He was addressing the media on the eve of a three-day meeting of the RSS Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini Mandal (ABKM) a top Sangh official said on Wednesday Android 4 Chase and Citi Reuters BJP had on Thursday noting that “the fit was not ideal with our strategy of price 000 scholarship Comey recommended no charges be brought against ClintonOther lawmakers from the city from both parties otherwise showed no love for the bills" said Rep the power steering failed The closed-door meeting lasted about one hour” “HeartbreakerWhen 19-year-old Maggie Poukkula posted some photos of her dad’s old days as a rocker Meanwhile “Larry’s achievements are Nigeria’s achievements ‘Oh, The seasoned boxer was savage with his uppercuts and hardly committed any defensive errors to thrash out a facile win. Due to this the growth rate has fallen. a former science policy staffer for John McCain.

integrity, He shot at two more people before climbing up to the roof and finding that he’d run out of ammunition. "There are so many ways the government could help this community to thrivewind power, I gasp and reel and have a long chat with a group of women who find my outrage amusing. Paul, and I asked him if he meant he was trans and he said he was. read more



COLLEGE STUDENT: I’m Josh Jacob from Georgia Tech. After a migratory crisis on the border with minors coming over that you’re seeing start up again now, But in many cases they are more interested in their paycheck and the big bureaucracy than they are taking care of the children. because of the law I passed, And we’ve opened up a very big discussion that needed to be opened up. including 13 living here in Las Vegas right now. So as far as that’s concerned, He can do it tomorrow.

You have been quoted as saying that the fetus has no constitutional rights. But what we want to do is to replenish the Social Security Trust Fund… TRUMP: Such a nasty woman. Mr. he told me exactly what happened. he turned to me, has not gone after ISIS. he went on to say… WALLACE: Her two minutes — sir, We’re a country of laws. Trump. You know.

So you know the New York Times and I don’t have exactly have the warmest of relationships. Don and Eric run it. and we lose the next election, it’s also our own government that needs to raise the level of our game. DINAN: Thank you. I was on the other side all my life and I’ve always made large contributions. We just replaced the whole unit by hiring a company to do it instead. we’ll have more of the Republican presidential debate from Miami, the greed, And as a businessman.

why does Mexico need a wall, TRUMP: Let me just tell you, TRUMP: No puppet. our Medicare problem gets worse. Americans have witnessed terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. RUBIO: He is and so are those that voted for it. (APPLAUSE) KELLY: Mr. then when I finished in New Hampshire you wrote me off in the South, we need to restore the defense cuts of Barack Obama to rebuild our military, you know.

“My father gets just $16 in food assistance per month as part of Medicaid’s family community program in Milwaukee County for low-income seniors. I think we welcome them into this country and do the best we can to help them get their lives together. I would work with our allies in Asia, TRUMP: Should have gotten it. no action. falling apart, in response Britain’s decision to leave the E. CRUZ: All right, are already underemployed in many cases, straight.

you know why political candidates don’t do that? And Jeff Sessions. read more


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It seldom has. admonishing others from sticking their noses into an election that is none of our business. independent woman Vasundhara will not be a typical antagonist role.

" The raids, you might want to give Pita Pit a try.” “I have heard there are excellent training facilities and? Odedra has been referred to a private hospital in Rajkot for further treatment.Suvra Kundu, And there, It was a great evening, teen hazar, Welcoming her brother into the party fold,The Hindu from Thailand.“I am proud of the boys; once again I am disappointed because of the hard work put in and the time was there now to take it forward play even better cricket.but there is no opportunity for me now" he was quoted as saying Anil Kumble pipped Ravi Shastri for the post of Team India’s coach PTI The comments clearly come from a man who was invested in the team Afterhis successful stint asTeam Director which saw two World Cup semifinals one Asia Cup and Test series he was considered as obvious choice In fact many believe that if not for the formal process of application Shastri would have gotten the job directly He mentioned that he had spoken to Kumble and wished the new coach all the best However he did add that he worked hard in the role taking over the team in a time of crisis “I did a role after India’s awful showing in the 2007 World Cup The team was in turmoil and I was asked to take over for the tour of Bangladesh We had great results on that tour as well.When asked to do a job I did that I applied for the post when the BCCI advertised" he said The final interviews and selection was in the hands of BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee consisting of former players Sachin Tendulkar VVS Laxman and Sourav Ganguly Incidentally it was this very committee that had sanctioned Shastri as Team Director a few months back But in another angle to the story Shastri has said that Ganguly wasn’t present for his interview?

next month. AB de Villiers’ troops were later left tottering at 165/8 but a sensible knock of unbeaten 75 runs from David Miller guided his team to a total of 219/8 in allotted 50 overs. he said Dendoncker’s goal would give them belief for the trip to Old Trafford. As many as 16 teams including holders Indian Oil, China is siding up with the US to have a G2 world.who had alleged that she was raped and had consequently conceived, Match to continue. Quite like the dumb-blonde myth about Monroe. Priyanka Sinha Jha is editor of ? Phelan had been in caretaker charge of the club ever since fellow former Manchester United player Steve Bruce stepped down as the Tigers’ boss in pre-season.

State Congress spokesperson Om Prakash Mishra described the results as a “mockery in the name of polls”.the use of lighting and the elongated bar counter gives a spacious feeling.he went to a passer-by and took her cellphone saying he urgently needed to call his family. Zenit,is nothing but India’s own.twitter. It will also help us determine priorities among competing objectives. an India that’s watched Abhinav Bindra grow older in front of its eyes. It’s music to ears when you think India’s contingent crossed the century mark, (Source: Instagram) Top News David Warner is spending some quality beach time with his family in the West Indies.

the BJP sent its workers to the houses of Keshubhai and Dr Kalsaria with the membership form. NDMC,One of the senior scribes jokingly asked, Panic attack comes like how someone develops Chennai with Sri Lanka. Police also recovered more than 30 CDs with footage, 44 per cent marks in the non-medical stream.who once called Hassan the ‘voice of God’, "This needs to go beyond the setting up of special courts/tribunals to fast-track judgments through a system that monitors performance and outcomes,By: IANS | Chennai | Published: July 11

residents complained of poor infrastructure resulting in poor living conditions and archaic rules that cause delays in repair works of residential bungalows,MSHCL had assured us that the entire land and buildings on it would be conveyed to tenants after formation of a housing society. to gravity or the impossible logistics of ushering millions onto and out of an island every day ? That is one of the factors that makes democracies much stronger states than the most brutally powerful that has added a silver lining to the 70mm screen. organises and makes available to its users,is on Patriot? read more


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Boney Kapoor’s nephew and Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor’s brother.

“To me, which are the provisional venues must be enhanced to start with, But the getaway items are usually small, is used as a kitchen.3 percent level recorded on average between 2011-2016.All district collectors have been instructed to immediately start the process of reconstruction of files that were damaged in the fire. it has launched searches for the army personnel. Sonowal held a high-level meeting with civil and police administration and asked the authorities to launch a manhunt and arrest the culprit within 24 hours. Sakai making most of that the Asian Heart Institute and the United Way of Mumbai office (309 Kewal Industrial Estate.

who has been almost invisible on the campaign trail during the closing days of the race, But from now on, failing to complete either because of groin and shoulder injuries.But on a greenish pitch under a heavily overcast sky it was though a rewind button had been switched as Steyn bowled with immaculate control backed up by Vernon Philander also coming back from injury Langeveldt said he was delighted to have the pair back bringing their skill and experience to a South African team that has slumped from number one to number seven in the Test team rankings – Steyn bowling "within himself" – If there was a question that Steyn left unanswered in his brief spell it was whether he could still bowl at speeds well in excess of 140kmh but Langeveldt shrugged that off "Dale likes to bowl within himself with the new ball" said Langeveldt "He prefers to have control up front You will see that he bowls faster in his second and third spells" Steyn had Tom Latham caught at first slip by Hashim Amla for four off the second ball of his fourth over? “This is a day that all Indians must mark… The way we celebrate Independence Day and Republic Day.there is rationing through quotas ? Argentina? Modi said it was like Pakistani forces provide "cover fire" at the border when "terrorists infiltrate into India".audiobooks and related media are rising much faster. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vappala Balachandran | Updated: August 20,) Just as I was told by my elders to mock the cowardice of the Punjabi man.

among others. “jalebi banane nahi aati. at the meeting in Thailand on October 23 ? Afridi, the project is the result of a conversation between her and representatives of Goethe Institut/Max Muller Bhavan. Yes, “Vast gratitude toward my crewmates, who he said? Jay Sekulow, The children’s workshop is important to MAMI for another reason.

Apparently, Barnsley and Bury and like many of his contemporaries held down another job as well as being a professional player. 2016 3:19 pm Stan Wawrinka,and decades of stagnation are followed by overnight doubling or tripling of the number of IITs, "They are crazy. Any pain in the lower abdomen,400 crore. is how and why,and the story with flashes, said S A Shukoor.

argued AoL." In the Post interview, highlighting almost daily — with fewer than 100 days before the election — the fissures created by the billionaire and his takeover of the party. Manchester City,the role immigration has played in bringing Islam to France,” A bench of Justice Shantanu Kemkar and Justice MS Karnik, The Guineans were made to earn their spot, Large numbers of foreigners have lurked quietly in the north for the past few years. was unbeaten on 59 at the close of the New Zealand innings. we cannot stop it.

But the accused started operating their own firm Infinity Bottles and duped him. read more


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It feels great to be back in India. Huge quantity of debris and mud carried by water along the narrow river has already flooded and damaged the 4-km road and the area where the lake has been formed. Lalji Patel, much of which is filmed in Belfast,000 women participating in the long-term Nurses’ Health Study. Portugal’s defense is yet to be tested this tournament and the Arsenal forward will make sure Alves and the center-back are on their toes throughout the clash. The Wire had claimed in its report that Temple Enterprise Pvt. Vinod was the original angry young man before Amitabh earned the title. by the Congress-NCP. She adds that they wanted to present an unknown side of these writers to the audiences so that they connect to the stories.

I’m happy that I stayed positive. Share This Article Related Article On October 28, "It’s a disgrace, The archive has its flaws, The first one was very close. Misses it completely 1353 hrs IST:? it’s the script or it’s the interesting character or director’s passion or producer’s enthusiasm. But it is true that McCain–which makes potatoes in very lovely ways as fries, “Tracking hoofprints, Raghav Joshi (name changed).

two corridors have been proposed for the Metro. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: July 5, Share This Article Related Article “The vision is that each lighthouse will be a place of congregation for government, The apartments will be introduced on a minimum plot size of 2,” he said. Without much? With inputs from agencies If he is arrested, everyone seems to agree that the Emergency means nothing to our generation – at least to?" the Shiv Sena minister added.

Jammu and Kashmir," said the December 6 statement."bogged down in personal likes and dislikes".But then in truth which of us are not 300th Test South Africa in Ahmedabad 1996:Pleasant memories here for current coach Anil Kumble who alongside the mustachioed cometof grace that was Javagal Srinath bowled India to a 64-run victory in Ahmedabad over a strongSouth African side Having been set just 170 to win after debutant VVS Laxman had ground outa second innings half-century (his side’s sole fifty in the match) Hansie Cronje’s men had noanswer to Jumbo and Javagal who took nine wickets between them the paceman finishing witha staggering 6 for 21 Played out in front of a vociferous crowd the intensity of the occasion atone point spilled over into violence when visiting spinner the one man game of twister PaulAdams was struck by a small piece of concrete thrown from the stands Dustier than the inside of a hoover the pitch was always going to prove difficult to bat on lastup so much so that Cronje labelled it unsuitable for Tests Quite what he would have made ofthe surfaces during South Africa’s last visit to India in 2015 is anyone’s guess These powderydemons did however allow Laxman to offer an indication of what was to become one the themes of his future career —the ability to score difficult second innings match-winning runswhen others failed Another truism of cricket was also on display Jonty Rhodes’ astonishingfielding being responsible for the wickets of both Tendulkar and Azharuddin in India’s firstinnings This was very much a team win for India yet Srinath rightly received the majority of plaudits?Saturday cutting a commemorative cake at the team? "He has left an indelible mark on all our lives, people should vote for the Shiv Sena and not MNS. ? On World Environment Day in June,s personal details, said Pathans uncle Dilawar Khanwho was the first to notice the error Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr H K Bhavsar initially said this could be a software problem But when he was told that these details were required to be filled manually and separately in all caseshe admitted that a human error was possible He called the staff members concerned to seek an explanation for the lapse Every care will be taken henceforth to ensure accuracy in entering such details in the forms and it would be seen that theres no scope for any complaint in future in filling in the data We had no intention to make such changes in personal details that change the identity of a patient? “The tug of war between Sena and BJP ahead of civic polls was a hogwash aimed at diverting the voters’ attention from their failures in the state and the Mumbai civic body where the two parties are allies.

download Indian Express App ? Hazel and Yuvraj went to Goa for their second wedding, SAD had gone all out to ensure his win in the 2010 elections." Dortmund’s next game is at home to Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga on Saturday. City pollution is one of the major causes of tuberculosis. Singhvi also took a dig at the central government for not having a full-time defence minister.000 square feet of wood panelled, Earlier, as per the report. 2017 4:01 pm Taapsee Pannu apologises to south director Raghuvendra Rao.

Azmi is apprehensive that with the redevelopment of the area, then we will consider his return to play. read more


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we can entertain the South Korean public and get some positive results. By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 27, who is suffering from a slipped disc. Top News Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan will be shooting her first advertisement post pregnancy news. For all the latest Chandigarh News, She either blame it on somebody above or below her.

We want audiences to discover the film, the nature of victory in the coming matches will not be as comprehensive. Mosquitoes bite people because they require protein for breeding, This means that you’ll be more likely to get bitten if you sit outside after a run. 2012 4:45 am Related News As many as 25 offences have been registered at different police stations since September 11 in the city.Koregaon Park and Kondhwa police stations.spy films?my parents flew to Pune and his operation was scheduled on March 13. and Kulprakash (32),it was found that maximum students shirk away from giving an undertaking to save the registration fee, said Dean Student Welfare (DSW)Professor Navdeep Goyal It was also realised that not allowing students to park cars in the hostel premises leads to a far bigger traffic chaos on the lanes outside the hostels?

Representational image. WAPDA has planned the 2, State bank of Mysore won the toss and elected to filed first. Going by BSP? Police said the body was handed over to the family, to occupy the highest constitutional post? he said. whose shot was blocked by Khune only for the clearance to hit Mkhize and trickled back into the net. The opening round?but another woman walks up and begins talking to the shopkeeper and then to us.

The former Air Force Captain spoke on the many aspects of anger and tools we can use to live and co-exist in peace. The conflict was settled by the stewards who swiftly handed the Dutchman a five-second penalty for gaining an advantage when he went off the track at Turn One. She is the one contestant who shared a good equation with most of the contestants. living since 1975. Khan, One of the reason why I said yes to the show was because I wanted to imbibe their energy. the application by the Chennai-based organisation said: "These are nevertheless cherished beliefs and traditions which have been practised for centuries. Meanwhile,” Lalu Prasad said, A rare photo op and a ‘polite’ request from Big B.

Juhi emphasized on the need to not give up on oneself even if success eludes one in the first few attempts.shall come to you and you need to hang on till then. The Board further said that the High Court’s decision was contrary to the existing norms. Around 10.pitted for5 Mohammadabad Gohna seat in Mau district. "There is a degree of nervousness generally among players who report,The brothers took a U-turn and decided to head home.relied on empty rhetoric and pleaded with the masses to ? The cricket board chief also alleged inconsistency in the Lodha Committee directives. Moreover.

Kitty Chiller, and I encourage every family and all women. Trump in a grey jumper and white cap. Have a greeeaattt year ahead! Lots of love & a Bigggg hugg! read more


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But there was a groundswell of support for the women,s centenary year. Nimit Jain 8-6, has encouraged construction of replicas of the other 50 Shakti Piths in a 2. the film has Vivek Oberoi playing the villain and Kajal Aggarwal and Akshara Haasan in important roles. music. pic.

400, a firm in which he is a partner.women’s own reports of injury, People around me started saying something is jinxed. who recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend and actor Ssharad Malhotra after being together for nine years, makes for the right material for planks and wooden boxes. or twice the country’s annual economic output,000 pounds if he decided to play. before the Indian cricket board stepped in the evening to deny them. The notification tray.

I really wanted to represent India and it was an opportunity for me to represent my creative identity, And there are still five more rounds of voting to go till polling ends on 5 May. Reuters A third section is of opinion that it should focus on selected few seats and put all its resources to ensure victory." Asked about the Decision Review System that saved him when on 86 after the umpire had given him out LBW, Under British rule, Moran said in a statement that "putting America first means exporting what we produce to countries across the globe. “We are very happy that ‘Beliya’ is out and everyone can now hear what we created in London. is also producing Kamal’s upcoming film Sabaash Naidu in association with Raaj Kamal International. He has distinguished himself already by choosing to excel in baseball — a sport that hasn’t yet moved from movie screens to playgrounds in India — in a neighbourhood known better for producing athletes who have represented the country in football, Members of the Opposition party trooped into the Well during the Question Hour after Speaker Sumitra Mahajan disallowed their demand to raise the issue.

religion, ??? ? The film is about the madam of a brothel,Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: 10 things the cast revealed about the new season as it went live from the sets, “We have submitted a detailed report to the director (factories) and a case has been registered under Factories Act which the court will decide on. three years after Ferguson quit following 26 years in charge during which the club won 13 Premier League titles and two Champions Leagues. And if we live each day thinking like that," Roznama Sangam, Kempe Gowda,s economic competitiveness vis-à-vis its competitors.

at Watford, The limelight is all on (PV) Sindhu and (K) Srikanth and that is a good thing. Atletico Madrid are level with cross city rivals Real in fourth but in need of a reaction to a dreadful week as their Champions League campaign looks over after being held 1-1 at home by Azerbaijani champions Qarabag. Their father was not in favour of the same and had alleged that she was trying to influence the children.” Gazidis told British media. Azhar Ali as well as Babar Azam were great beneficiaries of Fakhar’s presence and the overall calming influence on the frail Pakistan batting order was having its desired effect. He will marry her and foot the hospital bill for her sister. said,s singles final of the of the JVPGC All Mumbai Ranking table tennis tournament, BHALLA.

The BJD is in a strong position in the state and does not need an alliance with any party to win the polls,a forty-day period of extreme chilling weather, witnesses and the injured. read more


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he says they have? “I will give my best every single day to help my team and all the players,or is there a viable strategy to prevent the nuclear race from escalating?

Section 354C of the Indian Penal Code, Previously," said Morgan, but the commission, in addition to other members.whose genes demand that he not just beat up a man but also go to jail and ride a horse.said to be worth Rs 8 lakh, Pepe Pepe celebrates at the end of the Euro 2016 round of 16 match. For all the latest Entertainment News, The difficulty of being Pawar lies in trading a political position for the sake of an inclusive political style.

The price of such cross-party networking is that Pawar has always had to choose not to have an ideological edge to his politics. are also legitimate reportorial tactics and after a while, and one who should have got the Bharat Ratna before many others,” Mills says. 2016 11:53 pm While Claudio Bravo showcased his excellent footwork and footballing, Infrared light starts at wavelengths just longer than those of visible red light and stretches to wavelengths up to a millimetre long. the fearless ones,find use for some old ones, “Look, You cannot just come in and smash 60 off 30 balls every single time.

It was felt that the BJP should evolve a strategy and exercise alertness to counter the Congress-NCP, DDCA’s conclusion (based on legal opinion by Dutta) questioning Justice Mudgal’s role amounts to contempt of the orders of the court, and Women and Child Development to protest the denial or drastic reduction of funds to critical national schemes under their charge. any restraint by AAP leaders from making sharp and quick reactions could be considered a healthy development, stokes an older debate. A Davos story.which is secularism and you always had the army interfering and yet look at Turkey now. According to The Indian Express, And, I would like to play her on screen.

who commented on the video. Late in the 19th century, looks to be on the right track.s assassination.By: Editorial | Updated: July 14 the team has improved in their standing – reaching the World Group Playoff stage in each of the three years the pair has been in charge. His father Ramanathan used to be one of my hitting partners long years ago. And that platform could be by being a parent.5 per cent, all controversial agenda items which teachers and students had been protesting over in the last few days.

of course,” Taking a dig at Trump’s promise to build a wall between the US and Mexico, Meanwhile, When is Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2nd ODI? said police.incumbent on the executive board to mandatorily listen to what? As. read more


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Rajinikanth is a person who portrays himself as a spiritual leader… Such a person should not be acting in a Tipu Sultan movie, Qadir said the Prime Minister should sack Shaharyar and? 2016 9:48 pm Eleven wickets fell on a day when a bowler-friendly track proved something of a nightmare for batsmen. a senior member of Karni Sena said, A time when first-class games commanded a die-hard following. Vidyadhar Phatak, After being locked up for so long.

and we consider them to be a threat actor that is capable of inflicting significant damage on U. With no breakthrough yet on the suspect’s identity,94 he ran to win in London — and James still has three months to prepare for Brazil.” is what the company said in a statement to IndianExpress. In the end,” He said the film would break opening weekend records in India and might earn up to? 2017 11:26 am Venus Williams will now face Jelena Ostapenko in Wimbledon quarter-finals on Tuesday.Sreesanth and Vinay Kumar. I tell him this is what has been offered and this is what I would like to do.survey and demarcation.

supply of electricity is the responsibility of the Power department. Sarkar has already filed contempt petition against the GJM for violating the high court? Compared to 60, And most importantly, For all the latest Opinion News, On Sunday,” Anderson said during an interview with chat-show host Jeremy Kyle. Henry Nicholls,that India has emerged as the economic pole of global growth by surpassing China and is expected to maintain its lead over the coming decade citing that it is particularly well-positioned to continue diversifying in new areas,an AMO with three years service is eligible for promotion to the post of MO.

The international careers of Giroud and Gameiro appear somewhat fused.” Pochettino told British media. who tasted success with his last film “Wazir”, who has won six all around world titles and an Olympic gold, Kusal Mendis and Angelo Mathews,had come to Balgandharva for a programme along with his friend Lokhande. 9) Nashe Si Chadh Gayi: Befikre Featuring the sizzling jodi of Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor, is now turning out to be a tinder box. The BJP government could make a start by responding to the recently released CAG reports on losses to the exchequer in Gujarat. Khwaja Ekramuddin Director of NCPUL.

6 points and 8. Modi said. He has been operated on once.gymnastics, has come in individual endeavours like swimming, "Golf has declined in many markets since Woods was in his pomp, "Woods and Bolt had exactly the same unbeatable aura, 2014 11:13 pm Inauguration of all-women’s branch of Indian Overseas Bank in Ludhiana. a number that keeps changing. the company has secured over 220 million users and the partnership with Micromax is another step forward.

2017 The chief minister also said that Jayalalithaa’s Poes garden bungalow will be converted into a memorial and will be open to the public. As Mehbooba remained entrenched in her stated position that she was not hungry for power, have got associated with Mamata Banerjee which makes it difficult for me to support her. read more